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SomaFM Listener Count Graphed Using RRDTool

Soma Listeners - Hourly

SomFM is, IMHO, the best streaming internet radio station out there. It has 23+ channels to choose from that showcase a wide variety of music genres. The best part is that it’s listener supported allowing them to stream music ad free. My favorite channel is Groove Salad which streams ambient/downtempo beats and grooves. Great music […]

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A Fancier User Interface for My Differential Drive Robot

Building upon my my earlier efforts, Differential Drive Robot with a Raspberry Pi and PIC16F88, I wanted to spin up a slicker interface to send commands to the differential drive. I again used Node.js to act as the webserver and leveraged a couple of node modules to make things easier. The server is broken into […]


Raspberry Pi Operating Under Battery Power

RPi Running on Battery 2

I purchased a 7.2v, 6 cell, 3000 mAh, NiMH battery pack to use as the power source for my Raspberry Pi enabled robot. I wanted to see how long it could power the RPi under a no-load scenario. I wrote a small script that would write the current datetime to a file at a 5 […]

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Differential Drive Robot with a Raspberry Pi and a PIC16F88 – The Software

Diagram showing the technical overview of my differential drive system (note: this diagram is slight outdated. I am no longer using SPI. It has been replaced with a standard bus model and a "chip select" pin).

I wanted to outline the steps I am currently working on to get a simple differential drive robot up and running. The initial goal is to have a robot base with 2 continuous rotation servos that will be used to provide the differential drive system. The servo commands are initiated from a node.js hosted web […]


Raspberry Pi + DS18B20 Temperature Sensor + RRDtool


I ordered a sample DS18B20 temperature sensor from Maxim that I coupled with my Raspberry Pi and wanted to do something a little more interesting than displaying the temperature from the console. I decided to use RRDtool to graph the temperature reading over time and push the graphs to my linux VPS so they could be easily […]


Hardware & Software PWM on Raspberry Pi with wiringPi

I spent a little time educating myself about the PWM options on the RPi. Using Gordon Henderson’s wiringPi library and his softPwm library, I was able to easily have both the hardware PWM and software PWM running simultaneously.

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PIC16F88 Project: Stoplights (Flash LEDs)

For my first reentry µC project, a gateway project to get me back into the pursuit of microcontroller adventures, I decided to keep it simple and flash 3 LEDs: one green, one yellow, and one red, in a pattern that mimics traffic stoplights. Slightly more exciting than blinking a single LED, but not much. I mimicked the timing of […]

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Ultimate Cheap Raspberry Pi Case

I purchased my Raspberry Pi through Element14 and it came in a conveniently sized box that I figured would make a decent, cheap case for it. I’m not sure how other suppliers ship their Pis but I’m guessing it’d be similar to how Element14 ships theirs. I run my unit headless so I didn’t need to cut […]

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Automatically Get IP Address of Raspberry Pi Operating Headlessly

I often operate my Raspberry Pi in a headless configuration and use SSH to access it. If I connect my RPi to an unfamiliar LAN that I don’t have visibility into or one where the address lease time is so short that it changes daily, I have no way of easily knowing what address has been […]